V8Volvos.com LS Motor Mounts are here!!!!

The moment everybody has been waiting for, the arrival of the official V8Volvos.com 700/900 series motor mount kit!  These mounts are not hodge-podged pieced together, fabricated mounts from arbitrary parts – they were designed & engineered from day one specifically for use in this car, with any LS based engine (car OR truck).  They allow for clearance not only at the hood from both the truck intake manifold and alternator, but also on the passengers side for the stock a/c compressor, and in the front for use of the stock Volvo 960 larger radiator & electric fan (depending on transmission used and how far forward that pushes the engine, of course).  They’re slotted left and right to allow for precise chassis fitment (since honestly there are so many different transmission, header, and accessory combinations, there are endless ways people will want to use these mounts to locate their engine).  They were also designed to keep the engine as low and as far back as possible in order to help keep CG as low as possible for those of you using either automatic or short manual transmissions.  They’ve also been designed to adapt to the longer T56 6 speed transmission that so many people use.  Unfortunately however, the T56 is a long transmission and does put the engine a bit farther froward in order to line the shifter up correctly with the shifter hole in the car.


The V8Volvos.com kit uses BMW motor mount bushings for a variety of reasons.  One of the biggest reasons is that the design of the V8Volvos.com kit mimics that of a stock European (BMW, Volvo, etc.) motor mount design, whereas the arm is attached rigidly to the engine, and then the engine assembly sits on top of the OEM rubber isolator.  The BMW bushings were designed exactly for this purpose, and have been long tested to withstand the abuse of high-hp engine loads.  They’re inexpensive, reliable, and replaceable.  There is reasonable aftermarket support for purchasing replacement bushings later on, or upgrading to something of ‘higher performance’.  And in case of an accident, they can shear and still allow the engine to submarine under the vehicle instead of being pushed directly into the firewall like the original factory Volvo mounts.  We recommend the OEM rubber for most installations.

We can also upgrade your mounts to use polyurethane bushings from  for an additional $40.   We’ve teamed with a manufacturer that is building nice isolated polyurethane bushings for us, meaning we do NOT use or recommend the bolt-thru style of polyurethane engine mount bushing.  However, the kit was designed with the aforementioned bushings in mind, so we cannot guarantee fitment with another vendors bushing.  Any replacement parts are available on an as-needed basis.  Pre-order prices INCLUDE shipping to the continental US.  For international orders, please email ken@v8volvos.com for a shipping quote.


Whats included:

(2) V8Volvos.com motor mount arms

(2) OEM Sach’s BMW E36/E46 M3 motor mount bushings, or (2) Polyurethane BMW E36/E46 M3 motor mount bushings.

All necessary installation hardware




Standard V8Volvos.com Motor Mount Kit w/OEM BMW M3 mount bushings – $349.99 – Pre-Order price of $319.99

Upgraded V8Volvos.com Motor Mount Kit w/polyurethane M3 mount bushings – $389 – Pre-Order price of $359




Send all paypal payments to ken@v8volvos.com.  Please indicate in the notes what isolator option you’re choosing, or if you’re ordering more than 1 set of mounts.  We’re working on getting e-commerce setup to be able to purchase directly from the site within the next 1-2 weeks.  Thanks, and as always, if there are any questions – please post in the forum, or email ken@v8volvos.com directly!

  • ewinston70

    Yes!!!!! I’m the first to get the new mounts baby!!! One-Bad-Grocery-Getter in the works….. 960 w/ an LQ4……tranny TBD.

  • Chris Haubrich

    Hi. Im doing a v8 conversation to a rhd volvo 940 wagon. Just wonder if these engine mounts will suit.

    I’ll be using a ls1 and automatic transmission

  • Hunter Johnson

    Will this work in a 1995 850 wagon

    • Iroll

      No, Rear Wheel Drive 740/940/960 only.

  • Thomas Rudolph

    HI there will this work with a late 70’s 350 and th 350 trans?