Are Volvos Good Cars? They Sure Are!

Are Volvos Good Cars?I read a story the other day about a Volvo 850 that was involved in a head-on collision at around 55 mph.  No brakes.  Full speed impact.  Sounds like a terrible story, doesn’t it?  Not for the  drive of the Volvo it wasn’t.  Apparently, the driver suffered a few broken bones, but the Dr.’s were amazed she made it into the ER alive even! Just further proof of just how incredibly safe Volvo’s are.  This car opened and closed the doors like it always has, AND an impact like that – which was apparently with a large van that just folded up upon being impacted by the mighty Volvo – didn’t even break the windshield.  Are Volvos good cars?  Based on this, and other wrecked Volvo’s I’ve seen over the years – I would say so.  Check out this link to follow the story:

  • upnorth

    Actually, I’ve withnessed a Volvo 855 hitting a bus head on into bus’s front passenger doors at some 65mph…both bus and the Volvo were totalled, of course, but Volvo’s windshield didn’t even crack, doors opened as they were always meant, and the driver suffered only bruises and nicks from airbag…