It’s Big Brakes (BBK) & Suspension Development Time

Caliper4000XDHi everybody!  I know it’s been quite awhile since we’ve had any product development updates.  Lots of reasons for that, but we won’t get into that here.  Finally, however, I’ve started work on developing a proper BBK & suspension package for the 960 & S/V90.  People have used any number of combinations over the years, but none were designed from the ground up specifically for this car.  Like everything else V8Volvos does – we’re going to change that.


First, we’ll discuss the brakes.  There are a LOT of options out there.  The original idea was custom hats, NASCAR rotors, etc.   That might very well work great, but I wanted to design something that was a bit easier to adapt, something that used more off the shelf components.  Off the shelf means less custom design, which means reduced cost, and easier parts availability.  To that end, we’ll be test-fitting a set of stock Volvo S60R rotors on my 960 estate.  A couple reasons for the S60R rotors.  First is size.  The stock rotors are 279mm diameter vented in the front, and 280mm solid in the rear.  The S60R uses 330mm vented front & rear.  So, we have an equal increase in diameter front to rear, with the upgrade to a vented rotor in the rear.  Also, the rear rotors SHOULD have the same internal drum diameter, meaning we won’t need to make any modifications, or build any additional custom parts, to keep the stock ebrake system intact.  Hopefully we’ll be able to get our hands on a set and test this out for sure.   As for the force – we’ll be using big, nasty calipers from Outlaw Disc Brakes.  Currently planning on 4-pot calipers front & rear, but there is the possibility we might end up using a newer 6-pot caliper that Outlaw now sells as well.  Pricing is TBA.  I can say, though, that as this BBK is going to be a fairly expensive, low demand product – these will NOT be stocked, and will be manufactured right here in Outlaws Cumming, GA facility on an order-by-order basis.


On the suspension front, not a lot has changed.  I’ve acquired a spare set of front struts from another 960 to cut into and do some measuring, among other things.  Will be testing with some super secret squirrel stuff  😉  Still planning to fit the early sedan rear trailing arms to the rear.  I’ve just had NO time lately to try and do that.  I have an engine swap being dropped off next week, and once thats knocked out I can get to work on the 960 again.  The early sedan rear trailing arms WILL be an increase in unsprung weight, but I think it’s a worth trade-off.  This will allow for the use of standard 5″ racecar springs, and won’t be putting a significant load on the lower shock bolt (which is in single sear) on the stock trailing arm.  Again, this is a 3600 lbs car – it will NOT be a racecar.  So, a few sacrifices can be made for the overall simplicity and cost of design.  Ideally, I’d LOVE to get this car to handle like a stock BMW M5.  That is a car that is a similar size, similar weight, and (now) a similar power level.  And a car that is built to do EVERYTHING very, very well.  And be comfortable.  There’s no reason we can’t accomplish the same thing.