It’s Big Brakes (BBK) & Suspension Development Time

Outlaw Disc Brakes 4000XD

Hi everybody!  I know it’s been quite awhile since we’ve had any product development updates.  Lots of reasons for that, but we won’t get into that here.  Finally, however, I’ve started work on developing a proper BBK & suspension package for the 960 & S/V90.  People have used any number of combinations over the years, […]

Are Volvos Good Cars? They Sure Are!

Are Volvos Good Cars?

I read a story the other day about a Volvo 850 that was involved in a head-on collision at around 55 mph.  No brakes.  Full speed impact.  Sounds like a terrible story, doesn’t it?  Not for the  drive of the Volvo it wasn’t.  Apparently, the driver suffered a few broken bones, but the Dr.’s were amazed she […]

We’ve made it V8Volvos Fans!!!

Yup, we’ve made it – we’ve now broken the first hard to reach barrier – 200 Likes on Facebook!  Special thanks to all of our fans for helping us get this far.  As a consolation prize, we’re offering $50 back to the next TWO customers who purchase a set of motor mount kits!   […] LS Motor Mounts are here!!!!

The moment everybody has been waiting for, the arrival of the official 700/900 series motor mount kit!  These mounts are not hodge-podged pieced together, fabricated mounts from arbitrary parts – they were designed & engineered from day one specifically for use in this car, with any LS based engine (car OR truck).  They allow […]

Forum login problems

Good morning V8Volvos fans! It appears that our server has not been sending out any emails for the last few weeks, and we just now caught onto that problem. I do sincerely appologize. Knowing this, it also appears that a good number of people have registered to use the forums, and never received an email […]

Volvo Forums is now live!!

Attention fellow V8Volvos enthusiasts – the Forums at is now live!!! Come take a look, register, and share your experience. Find some needed parts in the Classifieds, maybe make a few bucks selling off a few pieces sitting on your shelf taking up space, or just kill some time in the Off-Topic section!

700/900 Series LS Motor Mounts are in development!


Right now we’re making a list for pre-orders. Availability right now is looking to be 6-8 weeks out. Pricing TBA. No deposits will be collected until we know that pricing will be set, but there WILL be an introductory, discounted pre-order price on the first 10 sets. One thing to note, this set will NOT […]



Congratulations are in order for Tim Burian, our first ever winner of our new V8Volvo Of The Month photo contest!  Every month, our winners car will be showcased on the V8Volvos Facebook page as our official Timeline cover. Keep submitting pictures everybody, you can post them here, or on the V8Volvos facebook page to win.  […]