V8Volvos Final Run with Stock Engine


This is the last day the www.v8volvos.com 1995 Volvo 950 ran with it’s original engine.

More V8 Wagon dorifto!

Wagon donuts and general ‘hooning’ about!

Pulling the stock 960 engine

Pulling the engine from my ’95 Volvo 960 wagon in preparation for the V8 swap.  

Power Steering Pump Comparison

Comparison of the power steering pumps between the stock pump from my ’95 Volvo 960 wagon, and the stock pump from the V8 thats going into my car (LM4 Gm 5.3l)

V8Volvos.com Update #1


First official video update from www.v8volvos.com. Engine & trans are sitting in the car, not quite ‘finished’ yet, but, ti’s there

Volvo V8 Dyno


                          Dyno day at TRM, the V8Volvos.com Volvo 960 made 300 whp on the dyno, and noting but a super smooth torque table (there’s nothing ‘curved’ about that – it’s flat as a table!!. Next is suspension…..

It’s Alive!!!!!


Just a couple quick, dirty video’s. Yes, the wiring’s a disaster like I’ve commented on others about, but we needed a way to verify our connections besides just the diagrams and our trusty DMM. Now that we know it works, it’s getting cleaned and tidy’d up. You’ll never know it’s not factory when I’m done