The following links below are all links to websites (or companies) that have been instrumental in providing me with information, help, potentially some custom parts during the project, etc.

V8 Volvos OFFICIAL Facebook Page  This is where I found my engine

Volvo Wiring Diagrams – This is a  page FULL of factory volvo wiring diagrams, thanks to Matthews Volvo Site.

LS Conversion Parts on Ebay -This is where I got my LS motor mount adapters from. Cheaper than Carshop, just as nice, also has fuel line adapters & super cheap header flanges.

LS1/LT1 Valvespring Tool   Inexpensive LS1/LT1 valvespring tools

Kats Radiator Hose Accessories   Interesting place for cheap Radiator hose T’s.  Few different sizes.  TONS of great info here for LS swaps of all kinds, and ECU reprogramming.  Brendan is who is setting up my base map.

Andy’s AutoSport  Many Volvo parts & Accessories